This is our history

Over 40 years in the making

  • 1982


    DrM Founded

    DrM is founded by Dr. Hans Müller in Männedorf, Switzerland. During the preceding years Hans invented and patented a new type of filtration system which would turn out to be a small revolution in the chemical industry. The company starts by manufacturing and selling these new inventions under the name of FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC® filter technologies to mostly chemical companies while also offering filtration lab sets, pilot units and spare parts. 

  • 1984

    Dr. Hans Müller deceased

    Dr. Hans Müller leaves a legacy of 400 process and product inventions. In 1939 he patented the car catalyst in his quest to reduce pollution in the big cities. After the war he spent time at Nestlé to develop equipment for the drying and concentration of food products such as milk and juices. His patent of the thin film evaporator was a major breakthrough in the processing industry. After the foundation of the company Chemap he focussed on filtration technologies and patented the FUNDA® Filter which became a workhorse in thousands of chemical plants globally. He pioneered the biotech processing equipment industry with the development of hundreds of devices and processes and propelled his company to a market leader in this fast growing market. 



  • 1985


    First filter system for the Oil & Gas industry

    An adapted FUNDABAC® filter made specifically for the Oil & Gas industry is introduced.

  • 1986

    Introduction of Heel Volume Filtration Process

    Heel volume filtration was an important requirement for a filtration equipment when dealing with individual product batches. This patented process allowed the company to target new industries such as pharma and fine chemicals.  



  • 1997



    A special hygienic execution of the FUNDABAC® adapted for GMP standards is launched to expand into Biotech and Pharma markets.

  • 2001

    DrM USA

    DrM, Inc. is founded to facilitate the expansion into North American markets.



  • 2005


    DrM Shanghai

    Our Chinese subsidiary was opened in Shanghai to accommodate the rising demand for our solutions in Asia.

  • 2005

    DrM Poland

    DrM opens its first subsidiary in Poland with a spacier workshop with enough room for bigger projects. With this subsidiary DrM gained access to the common European market and its free movement of goods, thus simplifying logistics.



  • 2011


    DrM India

    We expand our business with a subsidiary located in Vadodara to fortify our businesses in Indian markets. The company is able to supply the whole range of goods and services including testing facilities, engineering and after sale activities.

  • 2013


    After over three decades we are able to buy back the Vibromixer business which was originally developed and patented by Dr. Hans Müller. It is marketed under the name of  FUNDAMIX® and with the introduction of a newly patented vibratory drive we secure its future existence.



  • 2015


    DrM Malaysia

    Expanded with new offices and a lab facility in Malaysia to reinforce our growth efforts in south asian markets. Sales and service engineers are able to focus on client requests in a speedy manner and assure our high quality standards.

  • 2018

    FUNDAMIX® Silent

    The FUNDAMIX® drive is completely redesigned to replace the noisy springs with a carbon fibre plate.



  • 2019



    With the growing need for Single-Use equipment in the chemical sector DrM develops and patents a new breed of filter equipment.

  • 2020

    Introduction of the Single-Use line for the Biotech sector

    The Single Use line of products gains momentum with the development of a number of new equipment such as the FUNDALOOP®, FUNDAMIX® SU and the Single-use Pinch Valve. All of these devices are designed to work seamlessly together in order to guarantee a unique user experience in a fast evolving industry.