Chemical Industry

CrystallizationMixing with low shear forces  to influence crystal growth and morphology
Filter AidMixing of precoat and body-feed suspensions for filtration applications
Plastic FibersSuspension preparation of fibers and solvents
Distillation & HydrogenationBatch time reduction
NeutralizationsIntense mixing and pH neutralization of waste water
Paper ResinQuantification of resin concentration
ResuspensionResuspension of filter cake for suction strainers
Bearing TestingLube oil preparation for bearing tests over extended time periods
TolueneEmulsification of toluene and water
Titanium DioxideSuspension preparation with acetone for cigarette filter production
CopperDissolving of copper with sulfuric acid under high temperatures under ATEX directives
Chromatography ColumnsPacking of chromatographic columns with vibration
Temperature SensorsPacking of PT100 probes under vibration without air introduction